Events for companies

Want to organise the best teambuilding for your company or impress your
corporate clients? We have a lot of experience with organising company
animation program on a SEGWAY.

Our hostesses will instruct everyone and set up possible competitions / other
animation acitivites. SEGWAY will bring people together, entertain and
create amazing memories!


Adventure for everyone

Not all of you are experienced enough to play golf or tennis.

Also not all of you like to just watch the programme. 

And that is why we do proudly say that definitely all of you can be taught how to ride a SEGWAY in a while.


Safety is our priority.

That is why we recommend presence of our trained instructors at your event. They will take care of your guests over duration of the event. They will also provide the helmets and individually teach everyone how to ride a SEGWAY before their first ride.   


We can also make up the programme according your demands and thanks to the SEGWAY it will be an event you will never forget.


SEGWAY means relax and fun

You can take your clients on the sightseeing of the areal of your company or on the sightseeing of the city.

SEGWAY can be used inside as well as outside also during the bad weather. 

Adventure and advertising

Tag on the SEGWAY your sales promotion or dress up the SEGWAY rider with your company´s colours. Also the mascot of your company can ride the SEGWAY, the choice is up to you.

You can leaflet from the SEGWAY or create a funny place of assignment of the task at your company´s event.

SEGWAY will create an activity that your clients will not forget.

Ride a SEGWAY will calm your mind and heal your heart.

Purge. Experience. Try it with us.


The Price

The renting price is 120€ a day. During your event is important the assistance of our service – a hostess or an instructor that are experienced enough to give you an advice, teach you or help you if you need it.

Price for the service is 40€ a day. If your event is taking place out of the Bratislava city we also cash the transport cost. 

We provide a discount if you make a bigger order.

Don´t hesitate and contact us: office@bratislavasegway.sk

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