If you are into small talks about architecture ( and not only), Marek is undoubtedly the perfect guide for you. He will give you all of his attention and while avoiding the bumps on the segway, you will surely form even a lasting friendship. Marek really cares passionately about making every segway guest feel like home in Bratislava. Furthemore, he is very keen on cycling and he will happily share some knowledge with you.

Irenka (a.k.a Elaina)

The first thing you probably notice about Irenka is, that she is a living joy. This postgraduate student of literature has a lot of interests, included art, music or philanthropy and can share her life passion with you. She is not just a type of person, who will make your tour unforgettable, but during that will even lift your  mood if you dont have the best day. Irenka  is also a type of person you can joke around with, have a lot of fun, but at the same time have a deep conversation. A lot of amazing informations and her beautiful personality -  that is what you will remember forever.


Jakub is one of our creative boys. His tours are always the highlight of anybody’s stay in Bratislava, and there is a very real reason for that. Not only Jakub plays the piano and the guitar, sings, composes music, knows every single music corner in the city, as well the best bars, but he loves talking about history for hours.
If you have Jakub on your tour definitely ask him to play the guitar for you                                                             </div>
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Jonas, our guide from Germany, loves to show you his second home. Because he loves to travel and to see every secret spot in Bratislava, he can gives you a perfect impression of Bratislava. Furthermore he is studying medicine and works as a paramedic. So you can feel absolutely safe with him, even if something unlikely would happen :)


Kristina is our guide with German and French. She is thus passionate about languages, different cultures, and people. She can literally do everything from sliding into Danube to riding the Segway in arabesque. Her tours can absorb you into her vibrant multicultural world where her words are friendly, welcoming

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